Thursday, March 15, 2012

Universal Design Trends in the Kitchen and Bathroom

The demand for products that are both accessible and functional continues to rise as knowledge increases and the product range becomes more readily available and attractive.  With an aging population who will no doubt want to live comfortable, independent lives for as long as possible, universal design will only continue to grow in importance.
ei24rd65ks Universal Design Trends in the Kitchen and Bathroom
Electrolux 24" drawer refrigeration unit
Appliances, accessories, and lighting have all become more intuitive and easier to use.
Refrigerators and dishwashers can be built into lower drawer spaces, creating easier access and seamless blending with the rest of the space.
Induction cooktops, which are energy-efficient, do not feature an open flame, and provide a cooking surface which remains relatively temperature neutral during cooking, present a great accessible option!  Another benefit is that, because they are more shallow than standard cooktops, they provide additional space for access bo chefs in wheelchairs.
Pull-out faucets have become the norm in kitchens.  For added ease of use, consider a touch-activated or hands-free model which can be outfitted with an automatic shut-off feature.
Though some manufacturers offer adjustable height countertops – i.e. they can be raised or lowered depending on the use and the user – another option is to simply lower the countertops altogether.  This is valuable for those requiring access from a wheelchair or otherwise seated position.
universal kohler k 10540 in vibrant brushed bronze Universal Design Trends in the Kitchen and Bathroom
Grab bar from Kohler, model K-10540 in vibrant brushed bronze, 1 of 6 finish options
Grab bars have been around for ages, but more and more manufacturers see the benefit in offering coordinating grab bar options and finishes to their faucet and shower fixtures.
Zero-threshold shower bases are more prevalent, especially when paired with a trench drain to keep water from flooding the rest of the bathroom floor.
trench shower drains 1 quartzbyaco com Universal Design Trends in the Kitchen and Bathroom
Quartz shower drain by
Walk-in tubs are being heavily promoted by some.  Others are offering things like removable flip-up benches.  They can be elevated or easily removed, which may prove a better bet when it come to re-sale value of the home.
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Mr. Rooter Weekly Plumbing Tip: American Indoor Plumbing

March 8th, 2012  |  Published in greenheating and coolingplumbing
Plumbing tips aren’t hard to come by, but plumbing tips from the experts are. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing has dedicated the space below to answering your questions with knowledge that comes from years of experience.
green bathroom decor ideas 1 Mr. Rooter Weekly Plumbing Tip: American Indoor Plumbing

WEEKLY TIP: American Indoor Plumbing

American indoor plumbing engineering has brought amazing advances in convenience for homeowners, but also created environmentally-friendly designs for sustainable living. The availability of tankless water heaters, water-efficient design and other technology have given thousands of new types of jobs for plumbers, as well as customized options for home improvement. A tankless water heater configuration can add value to a home placed on the market, and the presence of low flow technology can be very tempting to an environmentally-aware buyer.
American indoor plumbing is improving as the old infrastructure is gradually updated with new materials and modern plumbing design techniques. Today’s plumbing industry trends include plumbing technology aimed at sustainable living, water conservation, and energy efficiency. If you are examining jobs in plumbing, it’s a very good idea to pay close attention to evolving plumbing technology and how it addresses green living concerns.
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