Thursday, September 6, 2012

Central Vacuum Systems

Tired of lugging that abomination of a vacuum around the house? It smells, is noisy, and actually does little to remove your home from allergens since more cases than not, the bag is dumped right in the nearest trash can.

A central vacuum cleaner is installed into the home (basements, garages) that is designed to remove dirt and displace it through a series of PVC tubing to the central vacuum itself. Inlets are installed throughout various rooms in the home to achieve this. The wall inlets are then used as a base for an assortment of different attachments used to clean the home. Hoses from 30 to 42 feet can be used to clean a myriad of different places within one room. Also available to the user are crevice tools, stair tools, powered vacuum heads, turbine heads, floor tools, rug tools, pet grooming tools, vac-pans for kitchens (see what i'm getting at?)

Why? Well many reasons really.....
-Central vacuums keep allergens out and into a bag in another room.
-Considerably less noise
-Less emptying
-Less damage due to easier to use tools
-More versatility due to the assortment of attachments that can be used

On average homeowners are almost 100% satisfied with the initial purchase due to the long term savings brought upon by long term use.

So why not take a look at all we have to offer for you and your Central Vacuum System? We carry parts for most major brands and some that we haven't listed yet (pardon us)

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