Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nautilus Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts

Home renovation can sometimes be a difficult task. It seems more than often we find ourselves in a bigger project than what we originally started with. We could be simply replacing our bathroom tile floor, but then make a split decision and begin to redo the base boards and replace the main cabinet. Before we know it, the simple project of replacing the tile floor turned into five other projects. However, anyone with experience in home remodeling knows that these projects don’t always go as smoothly as we had planned. There are always small problems along the way that halt the progress of the project.

From personal experience, I have noticed that a major issue in bathroom remodeling is finding bathroom fan replacement parts for older brands such as Nautilus, Aubrey, and Air Care. These parts can be extremely difficult to find, especially when all we need is a simple grille cover replacement to make our bathroom fan look good as new. For anyone who has already tried to find replacement parts for these brands knows that there are countless false advertisements on the internet and the parts are nearly impossible to find. Fortunately, there is one provider that actually has replacement parts for Nautilus, Aubrey and Air Care brands.

A few years ago I purchased an older home with the intent of renovating it and renting it out. The kitchen was an absolute disaster and was definitely neglected from the previous owner. The tile floor was absolutely filthy and the grout was encrusted with a layer of dirt that was impenetrable to even the strongest cleaners; for a while I began to believe the grout was actually black instead of white. The cabinets were just as bad as the tile floor. The doors were covered in a black, greasy film with a bare spot where the doors were regularly opened from. Most of these doors were barely hanging on by a single hinge that wobbled as the doors were opened. It is needless to say that the tile floor and cabinets needed to be completely replaced.

Not to my surprise, the bathroom was even worse than the kitchen. The bathroom floor had a layer of dark brown hardened dirt and the corners were filled with a mixture of dirt and hair that partially crept up the wall. In the ceiling was a Nautilus N678 bathroom exhaust fan that was clearly non-functional. As a result of the broken fan, the walls and ceiling had a large amount of black mold that was clearly a major health risk. If anyone has ever dealt with an excess of black mold before knows that a slight inhalation of the spores can give you serious health issues including lung infections.

Fortunately for me, I have a lot of experience with repairing bathroom exhausts fans. However, it is difficult to repair old brands like Nautilus because there is a high chance that the replacement parts are no longer available or simply too difficult to find. I grabbed my ladder and removed the bathroom fan grille as an endless amount of dust fell from the unit. At this point I could clearly tell that the motor had burnt out due to over use and an excessive amount of dust that probably wore out the motor.

The next task was to find a replacement motor and plastic bracket for the Nautilus N678. In the past I have experienced problems finding parts for older brands. Some search results showed that some websites have the parts that I’m looking for, but then I come to find out that they actually don’t have the parts. Another major issue is that some websites are way too difficult to navigate. I often find myself clicking on a direct web search result and the page that shows up doesn’t have anything remotely close to what I was searching for. Simply put, there are thousands of sites that have fake listings and terrible navigation layouts.

After an hour of searching for replacement parts for my exhaust fan, I finally found a site that has replacement parts for nearly every Nautilus, Air Care, Aubrey, and Broan model. Not only do they have parts for very old brands, their website is very straight forward. If I click on NautilusN678 parts, it will only show those replacement parts and nothing else.

I am fed up with false advertisements about replacement parts for Nautilus, Aubrey and Air Care brands. As a result, I have taken the time to list a replacement part link for each of these brands. Simply click a link below or listed model number and find the replacement part you need.

Nautilus Replacement Parts
Instructions: Click here to go to the Nautilus fan replacement part website. Simply type in one of these model numbers in the model search bar to find your specific model and its associated parts. To save you more time, you can also click on one of these models and it will take you directly to its replacement part page.

Additional Links for Air Care and Aubrey
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