Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creating Extra Space with Garden Sheds

by Nicola Winters
Home office Creating Extra Space with Garden Sheds
During a time of financial hardship, homeowners can experience a real struggle in getting the most out of their property. With house prices falling, many families are forced to stay put and sit out the property slump. One piece of advice that investors and interior designers have suggested is utilizing the existing house, rather than hunting for a bigger one and losing money already invested. There has been a significant increase in investment of home extensions to create extra space whilst increasing the value of the property.
The problem with extensions is the sheer cost. Not many homeowners are prepared to shell out such a large amount of cash on something so extreme. A cheaper alternative would be to transform a garden shed into a living space. There are many uses for a garden shed but here are the top ideas:
Many people are now choosing the option to work from home. Although appears ideal, there are many potential distractions when attempting to study or work around the home. With a separate space for work activities, all disruptions are kept out of sight and mind. Simply set up an internet connection and enjoy the benefits of both working from home and working in an office.
Those who want to move to a bigger place are, usually, expanding families who are struggling to find the space to accommodate such active and playful members. Toys are frequently seen piled up in the corner of a living room with games consoles taking up the whole entertainment stand. An inexpensive and realistic solution to this is to transform the garden shed into a playroom. Toys, games and books can all be stored there, giving your child a safe place to spend the day.
For those who work in the construction or practice a somewhat messy hobby, such as woodwork, an extra space to work is incredibly necessary. Not only will one be able to undergo their work in peace, log all their projects in one place and enjoy complete tranquility whilst getting creative juices flowing but children will also be kept safe from sharp blades and instruments.
There are many other usages for garden sheds, from art workshops, to theatre rooms, to libraries right through to music rooms. Depending on an individual’s interests and needs, garden sheds can provide a substantial amount of extra living space that costs a fraction of the price for an extension.

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