Friday, March 30, 2012

Attic makeover 1-on-1

by Lorena Benchis
Attic Renovation Attic makeover 1 on 1
Often considered to be the most unfriendly area of a house, attics are making a permanent comeback. Forget the dusty air and the scary spider webs, the ghosts behind the old wardrobe and the dark gloomy vibe you expect when going in. Nowadays, attics have been turned into the newest and trendiest ‘addition’ to the house.
So if you’re thinking of attempting to do an attic makeover yourself here are a few starting points:
Deep Clean
Before you attempt any redecorating you need to clean the room to the t. No dust or dirt, everything must be spotless so you can get the best results in return. If you feel like it’s not a one man job, then get your family to work with you, and you can turn a boring chore into a fun family activity.
A lick of paint
All right, so this might sound obvious, but the truth is, paint can make or break a room and if your attic is anything like mine, then it’s probably never seen paint in its life. So what you’re best of doing is making a list of colours you’d like for your new room and then matching them to the floors you want.
Hit the floor
So now think about floors. Do you want carpet? Or maybe you want hardwood flooring or even engineered wood flooring? Once you’ve weighed all the pros and cons you will be in the right position to make a decision about which option to go with and maybe you should look at Flooring And Doors to get an idea about what’s available.
Let the light in
Once you’ve done all the floors and walls, it’s time to think about windows. And considering we’re talking attics, this is once of the most important topics, because most attics don’t have a window. So you will probably want and need a skylight or even two depending on how big the room is. One of the best places to fit a skylight would be just above your bed. Imagine how beautiful and romantic it would be to lie in bed with your loved one and watch the stars. I can’t think of anything I’d like better.
Now all that’s left is picking the right furniture. Depending on whether you want a bedroom or maybe a home office or study area, maybe even a game room for your kids, you can decorate it accordingly and make it truly homely. And when you put a smile on the face of your partner or children or even yourself, you will know your work is done!

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