Friday, November 11, 2016

Nutone Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts
Don’t let a broken bathroom fan ruin your bathroom experience. Find the Nutone replacement parts you need to fix your bathroom fan.

Once your bathroom fan breaks, it’s only a matter of time until more serious issues arise. The excessive amount of humidity that was once extracted now remains trapped in your bathroom. Humid air gathers together and leaves a layer of water on the wall. After the course of a few days without proper ventilation, your bathroom becomes the perfect environment for mold.
Fixing your bathroom fan is easy if you know what you’re looking for. The most common part to break in a bathroom fan is the motor. After many years of operation, the motor naturally wears out and needs to be replaced. Below is a list of Nutone bathrooms fan and their replacement parts.
Most Common Nutone Bathroom Fans
In order to find the correct parts to fix your bathroom fan, you will need to know your fan’s model number. To make it easier to find, below is a list of Nutone bathroom fans sorted by CFM rating. Find the model you have below and choose a link for either replacement parts or a whole new unit.

Nutone 110 CFM Bathroom Fan

Replacement Parts 
Complete New Unit
New Unit Price
< 0.3
Humidity Sensor, Lighting, Extremely Silent, Snap-in housing, DC Brushless Motor
Humidity Sensor, Extremely Silent,   Snap-in housing, DC Brushless
1500 watt Heater, 120 watt lighting, ASHRAE 62 compliant
Humidity Sensor, Lighting, Extremely Silent, Snap-in housing, DC Brushless
< 0.7 
Simple Installation, 36 watt lighting, ASHRAE 62 compliant

Nutone 80 CFM Bathroom Fan

Replacement Parts 
Complete New Unit
New Unit Price
Motion Sensor, Extremely Silent, Quick Installation, Retrofit Installation, ASHRAE 62 Compliant
36 Watt Lighting, Extremely Silent, Quick Installation, Retrofit Installation, ASHRAE 62 Compliant
Motion Sensor, 36 Watt Lighting, Ultra Silent, Quick Installation, Retrofit Installation, ASHRAE 62 Compliant
< 0.3
36 Watt Lighting, Ultra Silent, Retrofit Installation, ASHRAE 62 Compliant

Nutone 50 CFM Bathroom fan
Replacement Parts 
Complete New Unit
New Unit Price
< 0.3
Bright Lighting, Silent Sound Technology, Snap-in housing, ASHRAE 62 Compliant
Silent Sound Technology, Snap-in housing, ASHRAE 62 Compliant

Don't wait to fix your bathroom fan. Find the replacement parts you need to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nutone Bathroom Heater: A Better Morning

Overview: Nutone bathroom heaters are one of the greatest inventions made in history. If you have experienced freezing bathrooms in the morning, the only solution is to get a bathroom heater. There are many different types of ceiling bathroom fans; choosing the right one for you is important.

Many of us live life missing out on simple pleasures. After living in Idaho for many years, one thing I missed out on was a bathroom heater. I never knew that these miracles existed and how wonderful they could be.
In my first winter experience in Idaho, outside temperatures in the morning were commonly -5 degrees. The bitter cold air made my house freezing. The worst part about a frigid house is that it made morning showers dreadful. As soon as you step out of the shower, you are hit with a wave of frosty air that is amplified by the beads of water on your skin. My house heater simply wasn’t enough to spare me from ice-cold floors. Just one step is enough to chill you to the bone.
If you’ve ever gotten out of a hot shower and stepped on an ice-cold floor, you understand where I’m coming from.Every morning was unpleasant. 

I can’t do this… I feel like my house is torturing me every morning. The arctic air is here to haunt me for the next few months… I’ve got to do something about this.

I started to think about how I can change this. Then the idea hit me.

A heater! A simple little box heater would do just fine!

I grabbed my car keys and drove to the store. After 5 minutes of walking around in the store, I found a cheap, little white heater and an extension cord.

This will do perfectly!

I brought the heater home and set it on the bathroom counter. The next morning was a complete change. I woke up around 7:15 am, plugged my heater into the wall, and closed the bathroom door to let it warm up.

I hope this heater is well worth my time.

I walked into my kitchen and ate a small breakfast. After I finished eating, I walked back into the bathroom to take a shower. When I opened the door, a wave of hot air hit me in the face.

This is what I have been looking for. It’s so warm and cozy!

I quickly closed the door and took one of the warmest showers I have ever had. After finishing my shower, the next test was getting out of the shower. I was expecting it to only be a little different than before; not extremely cold, but enough for it to still make my mornings terrible.

I opened the shower door and was pleasantly surprised.

It’s warm! Oh, thank goodness it’s warm!

All I had to do now was step on the floor. I slowly extended my foot towards the tile floor. The anticipation of what I feared rattled my mind.

Oh, please let this be just as warm. I don’t want to be freezing anymore.

My foot touched the floor and an immediate feeling of relief overcame me.

Yes! The floor is warm! No more being tortured by the bitter cold.

Each morning after that was great. I went from hating morning showers in a cold bathroom to loving them. Morning showers in a warm and cozy bathroom are one of the best experiences in life. I never knew that a heater in your bathroom could work so many wonders.

Even though this small room heater was working well, there were a few issues. The biggest problem was that this room heater was very expensive to run. I thought that it was definitely worth the money to have a warm bathroom, but I also would like to save more on power. The second issue was that I had to plug in the heater into an extension cord every day. I didn’t want to take the risk of possible water splashing on the heating unit, or water getting on the connection between the heater and extension cord. Overall, it was inconvenient, hazardous, and inefficient.

After speaking to my friends about my new wonderful mornings, they told me that you can buy professional and power saving heaters for your bathroom. These heaters are simply installed in your bathroom ceiling and are turned on by a simple switch.

If I bought a professional bathroom heater, I could save on electricity, remove my hazardous heater, and increase the value of my home. Purchasing one of these units was a no-brainer. Making my mornings perfect was one of the most important things to me. If I started with a great morning, that great morning would carry on throughout my day.

The new quest now is to find which bathroom heater is the best for my situation. There are thousands of different kinds of bathroom heaters. Some models are just heaters while others have certain additions to them. The most common addition to the heaters is a bathroom light.

In order to find the appropriate bathroom fan, I had to determine what I wanted.
I concluded that I the most important factors to me are:
  •       Size
  •       Power usage (too much power usage will cause high electric bills)
  •       Noise level (some fans are very loud)
  •      Weight

 A feature that everyone overlooks is the noise level. Some fans can be extremely loud and annoying every time you turn them on. If the fan sounds terrible, you won’t be inclined to use it every day.

After a few weeks of searching, I finally found a fan that suited my needs. I decided to purchase the Nutone 9417DN. This model has a light, power saving options, durable parts, and sufficient heating capabilities. While there were many other options that were sufficient, this model seemed perfect. For those who are more interested in the bathroom heaters that I considered, I have compiled a list of them below.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of a Nutone bathroom heater, then today is the day! Transform your mornings into something spectacular!

My List of Suggested Bathroom Fan Models

For other great options and variants of these suggestions, please visit our affiliate site!

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Rare Find: Aubrey Fan Replacement Parts

Our home is a place where we spend a large amount of our time. Because of this, we naturally like to decorate our homes, purchase new furniture, and do maintenance on our home. Some of my favorite equipment in my home is my Broan range hood and my stylish Nutone bathroom fan. However, one of the major issues with some of these products is that they become obsolete or no longer produced by the manufacturer. As a result, finding replacement parts can be extremely difficult.

In my bathroom, I have an Aubrey brand model that has been discontinued for many years. Sadly, my bathroom fan motor went out and I wanted to replace it rather than purchase an entire new unit.

After a little research, I discovered that my specific model hasn’t been in production for over 8 years. My chances of finding a complete new one would be near impossible. The only other option would be to purchase a new system. If I decided to buy a different bathroom fan, I would have to worry about finding one that is the right size, style, and color.

It would be terrible to purchase a new unit and have to repair my bathroom wall where the old one once was. Even after repairs, my bathroom still wouldn’t look the same again.

I determined that I did not want to tear my bathroom apart for a new fan, so I decided to search for replacement parts. After surfing the internet for hours, I came to the conclusion that Aubrey fan replacement parts did not exist. Some sites claimed they had replacement parts, but then I quickly became discouraged when I found out that they actually didn’t have any parts at all.

Not being able to find a replacement motor meant that I had to do what I didn’t want to… purchase a different bathroom fan. I still disliked this idea and continued searching.

No more than 20 minutes later, I found exactly what I was looking for! I found entire listings of replacement parts for Aubrey fan models. I felt that there must be a lot of people like me who do not want to hassle with purchasing a whole new bathroom fan system when it could easily be fixed with replacement parts.
To help those who are searching for Aubrey replacement parts, I have taken the time to compile a list of models and their replacement parts. I really hope that this can be useful and spare people the hassle of making a new fan fit where an old one once was.

Aubrey Fan Replacement Parts

Instructions: Click here to go to the Aubrey fan replacement part website. Simply type in one of these model numbers in the model search bar to find your specific model and its associated parts. There are hundreds of models that are not listed below. To save you more time, you can also click on one of these models and it will take you directly to its replacement part page. Additionally, you can call us directly Toll Free at 866.368.8663 for further information.

My Broan Range Hood Has Weak Suction Power

My Broan Range Hood Has Weak Suction Power

Question from John Mayson – Over the past few weeks, my kitchen Range Hood seems to not have as much suction power as it used to. Do I need a whole new system, or can I fix it myself?

My kitchen has always been my pride and joy. It is the center for attention during the holidays and gets used on a daily basis. Since my kitchen is one of the most important places in my home, it is important that I keep it clean to promote a healthy atmosphere. My most important tool in keeping my kitchen clean is my range hood. My range hood simply vacuums up the hot air and smoke emanating from my stove while cooking, which helps my kitchen stay fresh. However, over the past few weeks, the suction power of my range hood has decreased. It is no longer able to effectively remove all of the airborne filth as it used to.

Do I need to purchase an entire new unit? Or can I buy replacement parts? I am not very mechanically inclined, so discovering the actual issue will be difficult. I really like my existing range hood because the model fits my kitchen perfectly, so I don’t want to purchase an entire new unit. I simply would like to fix the issue to save money, but if I have to buy an entire new unit I will.

John, that is a perfect question that many readers have. In my home, my range hood is what brings my kitchen’s d├ęcor together. It took me several weeks to find the perfect range hood that made my kitchen feel complete. I can definitely understand the attachment to your current range hood. Luckily, range hoods are not very complicated and can be easily fixed.
The first step in fixing your range hood is to identify which type of range hood you have. There are generally two types of systems. The first system is a ducted range hood like this chimney range hood. This system takes in the kitchen air, filters it through an aluminum filter, and then pushes it through a duct that leads outside. The second system is a non-ducted under cabinet range hood like the Broan 4142. This system takes in the kitchen air, filters it through a charcoal filter, and then releases it back into your kitchen. Identifying your style of system will help narrow down the possible solutions to your problem.

Chimney Type And Exhaust Duct Systems

If your system is a chimney type, or one that sends the kitchen air through an exhaust duct, there are a few things that need to be checked. The first part of your system to check is the air filter. Since the main purpose of your range hood is to eliminate air pollution, the filter is prone to become overly saturated with grease and smoke residue. If your filter is overly saturated, this will greatly affect your systems ability to move the kitchen air. To quickly see if the problem is a bad filter, simply remove the filter and see if air movement greatly increases. If this solution does not fix your problem, then proceed to check the duct.
Often times, poor air movement can be caused by a tear in the exhaust duct, or a block at the beginning or at the exit of the damper flap. To remedy this issue, simply check the outside and inside damper flaps for possible grease or residue buildup that would cause the flap to not function properly. If the damper flaps appear to have grease buildup, simply use a cleaner to remove the grease or purchase a new damper flap.

After the air filter, damper flap, and ducts have been checked, the last possible solution is motor failure. Replacing a motor is fairly easy, but it will require the original instruction manual and a new motor. Replacement parts, including new motors, can be found at our range hood replacement parts website.

Non-Ducted Under Cabinet Systems

If you have a non-ducted system, solutions to poor air circulation are simpler. Since these systems do not use a duct and damper flaps, the only possible issues that could cause loss of suction power is the air filter or motor. Before suspecting the motor to be at fault, check the air filter and see if it needs to be replaced. If the suction power of your system greatly increases without the filter, then you need to purchase a replacement part. However, if the suction power remains low, then a new motor or complete new unit needs to be purchased.