Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some people just want to be popular!

by Kitchen MagicMG 58041 Some people just want to be popular!
Who wants to be popular? I guess everyone does!
This kitchen is remodeled in Kitchen Magics most popular door color as well as Corian® countertop color.

 MG 5812 Some people just want to be popular!
Scope of project:  Completely refaced kitchen and new Corian® countertops in Maui — And Kitchen Magic’s most popular engineered door color, Classic Cherry.
 MG 5820 Some people just want to be popular!
Utilizing the refacing process, the existing cabinets are covered in a matching classic cherry veneer using our double lamination process. The door is a classic Prestige stylewith clean lines giving the whole room a much richer feeling. The red and brown tones in the cherry offer up a little more drama as you enter the room.
 MG 5827 Some people just want to be popular!
By refacing the existing cabinets, the homeowners saved up to fifty-percent over all new cabinets. And they still got that new kitchen that they’ve been dreaming of. You see, a new kitchen is affordable!   If the layout is the same and cabinets are sturdy, there’s really no reason to rip them out.
Refacing Process:  Double-lamination refacing process.
Step 1: Sand all exposed areas on the outside of the cabinets.
Step 2: Apply a wood substrate before refacing, to provide a sure seal for the laminate material.
Step 3: Installation of all new doors and drawers in matching material.
80% of what you see in your kitchen is doors and drawer fronts.
The door’s laminate material comes complete with all of the laminate benefits, including durability, beauty and easy clean.
It’s a classic
Currently, kitchen customers have been attracted to darker wood tones without a busy grain lately.  When it comes to trendy, yet a timeless material —  this kitchen has got it all!
Refaced Kitchen Description:
  • Color: Classic Cherry
  • Style:  Prestige style door
  • Corian Solid Surface
  • Color: Maui
DSC 0406before 1024x680 Some people just want to be popular!
DSC 0407before 1024x680 Some people just want to be popular!
Before 2

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