Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nutone QT100 and QT100LH Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts for your Nutone QT100 and QT100LH Bathroom Fan can be difficult. Fortunately for those who are looking for Nutone QT100 and QT100LH replacement parts, we have a massive amount of the remaining stock.
If your unit is broken, there are only two options: replace the broken components or completely replace the unit with a newer production. Each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks. The most difficult part in replacing parts is knowing which ones need to be replaced. The most common part to fail in a QT100 and QT100LH is the S86322000 Motor. However, replacing the motor isn’t as simple as it appears. The motor needs to be removed from the bracket and the wheel needs to be properly balanced; balancing the wheel correctly should only be performed by a trained technician. If the wheel is not properly balanced, it could cause the wheel to rotate unevenly and cause the motor to fail because of the rotational stress. To avoid assembly and balancing complications, many technicians purchase the S0696B000 power unit assembly. This is a ready-to-install assembly that does not require any alterations; simply remove the old assembly and install the new one.
The alternative option to replacing broken parts is to completely remove the entire existing unit and replace it with a new production. However, this process could be more difficult than replacing a part. In order to replace a unit with a different one, you need to know the exact dimension of the fan cutout, the dimensions of the cover, and the appropriate amount of CFM to adequately exchange the air in the bathroom. The most difficult task is finding a new bathroom fan that fits in the same cutout as the old fan. A large majority of new production fans are often smaller in size, so the existing cutout is too large. It is also important to know that the existing housing for the old fan is not universal and will not work for other units; it will need to be removed.  After you have removed the existing housing and found a new unit to take its place, it is recommended that a qualified technician installs the new fan. The installation process involves some difficult steps, such as mounting, disconnecting power to the old unit, and reapplying it to the new one.
There are a wide variety of replacement parts still available for the QT100 and QT100LH. Listed below are a list and a parts diagram that shows which parts are still available for replacement. Any part that is not listed below is either obsolete or no longer available. For instance, the grille (part number 21) is not listed because it has been obsoleted by the manufacturer and cannot be ordered. To find an updated list for the remaining replacement parts for a QT100 and QT100LH, click here.

To find out which replacement parts you need or which new models can replace your existing exhaust fan, feel free to call our Toll Free hotline at 866.368.8663.
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