Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Summer Projects you can do with us!

1 - Add a new doorbell. Don't you want the device that signals you have a visitor to be a little classier?
     Of course you do. Take a look.
Much better, right? Of course! Visit our dedicated page here and prepare to be blown away at the vast selection that is on the market. (seriously)

2 - Install a solar attic fan. Solar attic fans are a tad pricey up-front. But you will be shocked to learn they cost $0.00 to operate. Its powered by the sun! Most of them even come equipped with an automatic thermostat that will  turn on the fan when the attic reaches a certain temperature. Keep cool for free

3. Clean or replace your old Nutone 391 bags. Seriously I cannot even begin to tell you how many of you love buying these (and we love selling them) but for the first month a bag is in a simple clean should suffice. After that, yeah you should definitely change it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Discount offers from 0696B000

As we go forward with a full head of steam deep into the year. We have set a lofty goal to become the premier destination for Broan-Nutone parts shopping. We are currently undertaking the task of getting detail detailed pictures of all motor and heat assemblies. Better pictures = better idea of what you need and greatly minimizes the risk of incorrect orders from you (our beloved customers) and us (valiant parts supplier.) To better be of service we humbly ask for you to fill out a questionnaire regarding all returned products. We have also established ourselves deeply onto and to offer more shopping options to our customers. We have also started 2 promotions that will run until the end of the year. Return customers can reference their order number to receive an additional discount over the phone, and followers on our twitter, be sure to check often as we plan on having daily firesales on select parts. Readers of this blog can call and reference this blog for a 1 time discount of 5% off our best selling 0696B000 (seen below) and a discounted shipping rate of $9.00 even to the lower 48 states only. Sorry Hawaii its 13.00 to ship there. No more, no less. Thank you for following and we hope you are just as excited for the future as we are!