Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Colors Of Spring

by Sarah Oxley
spring 2 The Colors Of Spring

Spring is in full swing, but it’s never too late to use those spring colors to give your home a redesign and really welcome the season into your home. To make this easier for you, I’ve taken a look at this season’s top colors and have come up with some ideas on how to incorporate them into your design.
There are several very popular spring colors to choose from this season. You can choose between two very different, but very charming bright and bold colors, and you can also combine a collection of subtler colors together to create a fresh and light room.

spring 1 The Colors Of Spring
The first spring color will be of no surprise, but its shade may well be. Yellow is notoriously the color of spring due to its association with spring flowers and with new energy. As a recurring spring color, it often appears in different shades for each season and also has different uses. This year instead of it being a supporting color, it is the main color of the room in its bright sunshine yellow shade. A great way of incorporating this bold color in your design is through interior accessories. Consider painting your walls in a crisp white, and having panelled floors in a pale pine. Then add curtains, cushions, wall art, vases, lamp shades, accent rugs, fruit bowls, even water jugs to the room, which are all in sunshine yellow. This creates a stunning design that will truly stand out. To save money, be sure to shop around for your accessories a bit. If you can’t get a good deal in the right color at the flea markets, try searching the web. You can be anything from lamps to curtains online these days.

Fuchsia The Colors Of Spring
You can follow the same design idea with this season’s second bold color, which is fuchsia. This will create an equally stunning design, but give you a different tone to your room. If you like mixing colors, then fuchsia can be supported by silver for a very contemporary look. Consider mixing silver and fuchsia cushions to your couch, or fuchsia curtains with a silver stripe running down them.
For a subtler look, you can combine pastel brown with a pale blue green color, which has been defined by Pantone as cockatoo. Although a pale color this shade of blue adds some flair to a room, and the pastel brown grounds the whole color scheme to tie it all together. For this design consider having pastel brown cupboards in your kitchen with cockatoo handles and a cockatoo edge to each panel. Other accessories of your kitchen can also be used to highlight your spring design. For example, a retro metal kettle in cockatoo, cockatoo knife set or chopping board, wooden kitchen chairs painted cockatoo next to a pastel brown table.
These are just some design ideas with which you can use the spring colors of 2012. Remember that as long as you like it, anything goes in interior design. I hope you’ve got some inspiration from this article, so go and get started on your spring redesign.

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