Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 5 Types of Safes to Protect You and Your Valuables

A safe is one of the single most important things that you can have in your home or business. Some people assume that they don’t need a safe because they don’t keep a lot of money around the house or have expensive jewelry, but everyone has something of value. Valuable items are not necessarily expensive, they can be things that have sentimental value, and that you would miss if you were a victim of disaster. Here at Gun Safe Pros, we offer a wide range of products to suit the needs and budget of anyone.
  • Security Boxes – Sometimes, all you need is a security box. If you don’t have a gun or if you need something compact in size, these are ideal. They are affordable and convenient. Some people who have a large safe still have one of these smaller boxes to toss their money, wallet, watch, etc., in before they go to bed.
  • Office Safes – It does not matter if you keep petty cash in the office or not, you will need a safe. Chances are good that there are important items that should be secured, such as checks, gas cards, CDs and important business documents. If you do deal with cash, checks and credit cards, you will be interested in a safe that allows employees to make a deposit but not a withdrawal.
  • Wall Safes – You do not need to live in a castle to have a wall safe! If you own your home and can cut into a wall, these safes are a phenomenal investment. Installation is easy because they fit between two studs. Just like in the movies, these can easily be hidden by a piece of art or furniture. Some of these even have a hidden compartment inside for extremely valuable or dangerous items as well. This way, if you were forced to open the safe by a robber, they wouldn’t find the hidden items.
  • Gun Safes and Cabinets – Here at Gun Safe Pros, we understand the importance of security your firearm. Even if you don’t have children, you will need to secure it because guns are stolen every day during break-ins. We offer a large selection of safes and cabinets for one hand gun or rifle up to a large collection.
  • Gun Cases – Whether you are transporting a gun, bow or both, they need to be secured in a case. We even have cases that are stackable, water and dust-proof and padlock compatible. Guns and bows are an investment, they need to be protected property

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