Friday, May 11, 2012

Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Products

After a brief hiatus to focus on this year’s Oceana Ball (more to come on that in the future), we’re attempting to return to our normal routine and schedule. Having spent an inordinate amount of time the past several months concentrating on all things themed “Oceana,” including pieces of driftwood that washed up onto the shores of some of our native beaches, taking a look at reclaimed wood seemed a logical fit.
Salvaging wood for reuse helps to minimize waste sent to landfill and the thinning out of our forests, responsibly done or otherwise. Using reclaimed wood also introduces a sense of character to a space which simply cannot be achieved through the use of new materials. From hardwood and softwood flooring to barn board and timbers, there are many sources from which to choose.
Reclaimed woods are typically wider planks (4″ or more) and offer a rich patina and depth that can only be authentically created with time. Local wood types vary from oak, maple, elm and ash, to pine, fir, and hemlock. Mantle pieces and timbers are thick, solid pieces of wood, unlike many look-alike products which now flood the market.
Though the images and general opinion suggest otherwise, reclaimed woods are suitable for much more than cottage-like and countrified interiors. By removing the furnishings shown in the above and replacing them with more clean-lined, contemporary pieces, you’ll create an entirely different look. Other options include applying a deep, rich stain colour or a higher gloss top coat, both of which are available in water-based applications. The character, patina, and charm will remain, but you will make the product truly your own.


  1. Wow... It looks adorable...Reclaimed wood floors are unique because of both their aesthetics and their history. If the homeowners know the original source of their reclaimed wood, it serves as not only an interesting conversation piece, but also a point of pride in a home. I personally love Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring because reclaimed wood floors are beautiful on their own. Bringing a piece of the past to the present benefits increasing the aesthetic appeal of home, by supporting the environment in a unique way. Thanks

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