Monday, May 7, 2012

Top 5 Pieces of Office Décor to Turn Your Space from Ordinary to Extraordinary

It does not matter if you have a boardroom that welcomes international business partners, or a waiting room that sees sick, injured or anxious people, your office décor is a lot more important than you think. Whether individuals are sick or stressed, they can be comfortable and put at ease by proper pieces. Wouldn’t it be nice to get through a Monday morning meeting without everyone being on edge? Do you get tired of listening to patients complain about how uncomfortable their chair is? The products here at Office Décor Pros will transform your space into an entirely different environment.
Fountains – These are a must have for any office or reception area. They are soothing, offer a focal point and immediately allow people to feel relaxed. The gentle sound of cascading water also drowns out office noise, such as medical equipment, phones, fax machines and chatter. If that’s not enough, they offer just the right amount of humidity into the air to make the space healthier and more comfortable.
Aquariums – There is something very soothing about watching fish swim around. This is why they have become so popular in doctor and dentist offices, especially those that cater to children. One can’t help but smile when they look at an aquarium, and that’s beneficial in any situation.
Bonsai Trees – These perfect little trees are quite magical. Why have a contemporary painting or sculpture when you can have a live piece of art that will become a main attraction in any room? Experts suggest that simply being in the presence of a bonsai tree is incredibly relaxing. Just make sure that you know exactly how often your tree needs to be watered as these are traditionally thirsty trees and they have very little soil.
Safes – Every office needs a safe. If you deal with cash, check or credit cards, you may want a safe with a deposit slot. There are plenty of things around the office that should be secured. Keys to locked cabinets, payroll, CDs and gas cards are just a few items that should be tucked away safe.
Reception Furniture – Here at Office Décor Pros, we have all your furniture needs. If you need an office chair that’s eco-friendly or ergonomic, we have countless options available to fulfill the needs and personal preference of anyone. If you are shopping for desks, cabinets or reception chairs and sofas, we have these items too.

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