Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting to know....

The 0696B000

NuTone 0696B000 Motor Assembly (Motor Number JA2C394N)

All NuTone QT100 and QT110 series bath fans have been discontinued. The 0696B000 is the NuTone replacement motor assembly for all the QT100 and QT110 series fans. This includes both the A and B units.

The 0696B000 replacement motor assembly, is by far NuTone's most popular fan motor. It is powerful, quiet and easy to replace. You don't need to be a handyman to change this motor.

The NuTone 0696B000 replacement motor assembly, includes the motor, the blower wheel, and the mounting plate.

This motor assembly works with the following Ventilation Fan models:
NuTone QT100FL Fan
NuTone QT100L Fan
NuTone QT100LH Fan
NuTone QT100LHM Fan
NuTone QT100LM Fan
NuTone QT110 Fan
NuTone QT110NB Fan
NuTone QT110N Fan
NuTone QT100H Fan
NuTone QT9093WH Fan
NuTone QT9093AB Fan
NuTone QT9093CH Fan
NuTone QT9093BR Fan
NuTone QT9093 Fan

This is the direct motor replacement for the following motor numbers:

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  1. My fan is Model QT-110B, listed as .65A, which is not listed above. Will the NuTone 0696B000 replace mine?