Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bring the Indoors Out

By Whitney Wyatt
iStock 000003430294XSmall Bring the Indoors Out
With the uncertain economy and high gas prices, homeowners are doing more ‘staycations’ these days. And that has made enhancing the backyard for entertaining purposes more popular.
From upgrading the patio to putting in an outdoor kitchen, creating outside spaces has become the trend. What is your idyllic outdoor oasis? Many homeowners find outdoor kitchens make their homes more convenient while giving their backyards a nicer look.
Before hiring a professional to help build your summer sanctuary, Mr. Rooter® Plumbing recommends homeowners ask themselves this question: “How do I want the space to be used?”. (Don’t forget to keep children and pets in mind while you think about this.) When this question is answered, it’s time to decide on a budget. Once the budget is set, here comes the fun part – selecting the products.
Think about your home. The kitchen is usually the focal point when it comes to family gatherings – from doing homework to eating meals to playing games. Just like it was important to select items for the inside of your home, it’s important to design your outdoor space to your liking as well.
For homeowners who want an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles, they also need to think about products that will ‘weather’ the weather. Thankfully, there is a good selection of items, as backyard retreats have become increasingly popular.
And the popular sink selection is stainless steel. Picking a stainless steel sink is going to be the best option, because it withstands weather better than other materials. Because it is sturdier than other products, it also doesn’t damage as easily. When it comes to fixtures, heavy duty brass is the top pick. Heavy duty brass does not corrode, and it is rust free.
When it comes to installing these projects, some can be do-it-yourself while others are not. For example, installing the water line for outdoor kitchen sinks, refrigerators and ice-makers can be a DIY project. But hiring a plumber is recommended, because professionals know the best location for installation.
As for installing the drain line for the kitchen sink, homeowners who are not DIY savvy should hire a plumber. The drain needs to connect to a sewer source to dispose of waste water. It is also best for homeowners to hire a professional to install the gas line for outdoor ranges and grills as well as patio heaters and fireplaces. Professionals have the training and experience to ensure proper and safe installation.
Once your outdoor space is created, we hope it captures the feel you want – whether it’s a party atmosphere or a serene space to read a book.
This article was provided by Mr. Rooter.

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