Thursday, May 30, 2013

Broan 353s. Get em' while its hot.

Did you know?

Modern building codes require unoccupied attics to be ventilated to reduce the accumulation of heat and moisture that contribute to mold growth and decay of wood rafters and ceiling joists. One common code requirement is that the total area of attic vents be equal to or greater than 1/150 of the floor area of the attic, with 50% or more of the vent area located in the upper portion of the attic. Various types of turbine ventilators and exhaust fans can also be used to assist with attic ventilation and decrease the required area of passive ventilators.

Keeping your attic cool is critical to keeping your house cool. That is a fact. However, keeping your attic cool is easier said than done. Heat from the attic will find a way into your house like clockwork. Creeping into your insulation and living space, attic heat will make your A/C run longer and harder for extended periods of time. Properly vented attics save money, add longer life to your roof, and removing toxic and damaging molds. During the summer, attics can reach staggering high temperatures (like in the 150 degree range staggering) So what do you do?

Grab a Broan 353 Attic Fan. The high performance and low cost has moved it to our best selling summer product so far. Bonus points - the Broan 353 has scored a total of 0 complaints from our customers. While solar powered fans have trouble with mother nature, these don't rely on the sun to run. The simplicity and cost of the 353 is top shelf. So find out how much you could be saving by properly ventilating this summer. Click the links below to get started. 

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