Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Summer Projects you can do with us!

1 - Add a new doorbell. Don't you want the device that signals you have a visitor to be a little classier?
     Of course you do. Take a look.
Much better, right? Of course! Visit our dedicated page here and prepare to be blown away at the vast selection that is on the market. (seriously)

2 - Install a solar attic fan. Solar attic fans are a tad pricey up-front. But you will be shocked to learn they cost $0.00 to operate. Its powered by the sun! Most of them even come equipped with an automatic thermostat that will  turn on the fan when the attic reaches a certain temperature. Keep cool for free

3. Clean or replace your old Nutone 391 bags. Seriously I cannot even begin to tell you how many of you love buying these (and we love selling them) but for the first month a bag is in a simple clean should suffice. After that, yeah you should definitely change it.

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