Sunday, January 20, 2013

StoreForParts Tip of The Week - Bathroom Fan Maintenance.

Bathroom Fan Maintenance, an oft-overlooked project until its too late. For those of you with extra time on your hands, here is a quick 30 minute project to ensure years of trouble-free operation with your bathroom fan.

Built up dirt in your bathroom fan can strain the motor leading to its eventual demise. For a quick solution, turn off the power to your Bathroom Fan and simply remove the grille. From there, if possible, you can carefully brush off excess dust on the motor and fan blade. If it is impossible, unplug and unscrew the motor from the mount it sits on and take it down. It is also recommended to add oil where the shaft and motor meet on each side of the motor. Doing this will help your motor run smoother and quieter. Place the motor back into the fan and screw it back on the mount and voila! One clean and quieter motor.

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