Monday, December 31, 2012

The Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Fix

Replacing parts instead of up and replacing the entire unit is cost effective, I know I have stated as much throughout the entire year. Here are some additional tips to help keep costs of maintaining your home products down even further!

1 - Know exactly what it is you are buying. If you don't, there are numerous was around this. Call us for free additional support and guidance. features over 40 years of Broan-NuTone experience! The last thing you'll want is additional cost on a DIY project. Right?

2 - Know when to hold and when to fold. Sometimes finding help CAN be cheaper. There are many great resources out there for finding quality electricians and installers. Angies list and Nutone's own dealer locator are great for starts.

3 - Buying the parts in bulk will save you on shipping from us. Buy everything at once. It's far better. Trust me.

4 - Shop around. We more than encourage it, and if you find it somewhere cheaper, let us know!

5 - Do your homework. Look for DIY videos and what other customers just like you are saying! There is a plethora of people who have done the same DIY project you are currently undertaking. Amazon features a robust review system that more often than not features helpful information on the part and installation.

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