Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nutone Heater Knob Replacement.


Hello Bloggers! Believe it or not, genuine rigid Nutone heater knobs can *gasp* break off rendering your once mighty fine bastion of heat unsafe or completely unusable. It happens more often than you might believe. If you are still using the heater sans the knob by turning the metal rod it was once attached to, why not just replace the heater knob! For example, part #57277000 is the knob for the following heaters -

Model Number

NuTone 9315T Wall Heater

NuTone 9315XT Wall Heater

NuTone 9810 Wall Heater

NuTone 9810N Wall Heater

NuTone 9815 Wall Heater

NuTone 9815N Wall Heater

NuTone 9819 Wall Heater 

NuTone 9819N Wall Heater

For a price of $1.48 (an average of 15 cents lower than the competition) you can once again have a fully functioning heater.

If your heater is a tad bit newer, part #30845000 would be your cup of tea.

NuTone  9815WH Wall Heater

NuTone 9819WH Wall Heater

These heater knobs are in stock now at a great price and ready to be shipped directly to you.


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