Monday, July 2, 2012

FAQs about back-ordered parts

Over time, certain parts and models fall out of favor, and parts are no longer as easily as accessible as they once were.

What is a back order? - An order placed by you to us, that we cannot fill because we don't have it in stock. Bottom line is that your order will take upwards of about two weeks if you need a part that's out of stock. Currently, there is no way to expedite the process that we must abide by (we wish there was.)

There is nothing I can do to speed this up? - Sadly, no. Once you have OK'd the back order notice generated by us, we will immediately place the order for the part and the back order process begins. 

Is there an exact date? Once again, regrettably no there isn't. We can, however, give you an almost accurate lead time.

This only applies if you have received a back order notice from us. We strive for perfection and speedy service. 

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