Thursday, June 29, 2017

Air Care Ventilation Fan Replacement Parts

As time progresses and the appliances in our homes age, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to keep our home up-to-date. Built-in counter top blenders begin to wear out, range hoods lose the air filtering capabilities they once had, and bathroom ventilation fans become loud and noisy; not to mention the appliances don’t look as good as they once did. Sometimes just a simple bathroom fan cover replacement is all that is needed to bring life back to your home.

However, there are a few underlying issues that prevent us from maintaining our appliances. The issues are that some replacement parts, like bathroom fan covers, are difficult to find, or the product has been discontinued for over 25 years. The most common problem is the original manufacturer is completely out of business and doesn’t offer their products anymore.

Air Care is a prime example of a company who sold thousands of bathroom ventilation systems and kitchen range hoods, but then was eventually bought out by Broan. Since the acquisition of Air Care, they ceased production on their range hoods and bathroom fan systems. Along with the production halt, the replacements parts for these products also quickly disappeared from the market due to lack of availability and production. As a result, many people like my friend Dave have had a hard time finding the parts they need to fix their appliances.

In the great state of Alabama, my friend Dave is in the market of purchasing older homes, renovating them, and eventually turning them for a profit. One of the most common issues in purchasing homes is updating their appliances, especially bathroom fan systems. No one wants to completely replace an existing bathroom fan because that requires finding a fan with the correct amount of CFM, the right dimensions to fit the pre-existing hole, and finding one that gives the bathroom a great look. Not to mention new systems can be very costly.

Additionally, this also takes a large amount of time to install an entire new bathroom ventilation system. This process often requires cutting new holes in the ceiling dry wall and even running new wires to power the new unit. This is why Dave would rather find replacement parts and purchase a new grille rather than a new system.

However, finding Air Care replacement parts is not as easy as it used to be. When searching for these replacement parts, many web results claim that they have the parts for your specific model. However, when the results are explored further, you find that those websites don’t actually have the parts, or they are so confusing you’re not sure if you are actually looking at the part for your specific model. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing something you need and come to find out later that it is the wrong part.

Luckily, because of Dave, I have been on the prowl searching for the few remaining Air Care replacement parts.  I know that there are thousands of people just like Dave who are looking for these parts but have a hard time finding them and are unsure they are receiving the correct ones.

After multiple years of searching, I finally compiled listings of all the Air Care models and their associated parts to help others like my friend Dave. Hopefully these listings will save you the hassle of installing a new system and save a lot of money in the process.

Located below is a small selection of the most common Air Care bathroom fan models and their associated parts. There are many more models listed on this site that have complete listings of the replacement parts available.

Air Care Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts

Instructions: Click here to view entire listings of Air Care Ventilation models. Simply search the list for your specific model, or type in your model in the Model Search Bar to find your specific model. Located below is a list of the most common Air Care bathroom fan models. If your model is not listed below, go to the main page to find your model.

For additional help, please contact customer service toll free at (866) 368- 8663. There are multiple professionals who have 30+ years of experience with Air Care and can answer all of your questions!