Monday, May 16, 2011

Selecting and Designing a Home Remodeling Project

Embarking on a home remodeling project is an exciting and creative process. When considering your home remodel, take time to imagine, brainstorm, and plan.
Design ideas can be found in lifestyle magazines, online, and from experienced professional remodelers.
While researching ideas for your home remodel, think about some of the most popular room requests remodelers receive from customers.
No resource on home remodeling would be complete without a discussion of the most talked about room in the house--your kitchen. You may want to replace aging cabinetry, modernize appliances, update the style of your kitchen, or improve the floor plan for better flow. Today's home remodelers are experts in creating efficient kitchen layouts.
Following a remodel, home owners can enjoy a spacious and more lavish bathroom. Possible bathroom elements include modern cabinets, multiple vanities, and differently shaped showers.
Dreaming of a master bedroom suite? Home remodeling can update cramped and dark bedroom spaces, or refresh a child's bedroom into a more sophisticated space. Consider these questions:
  • What will you use the room for?
  • What other types of furniture do you want to include?
  • Do you have adequate storage?
  • Do you need an office or study space?
  • Do you need space for overnight guests?
Other Remodeling Options
Home remodeling projects are practically limitless. Don't fear creative thinking and soliciting others for advice. Here are some other potential remodeling ideas:
  • Home Office--If you're self-employed or a telecommute, you may need an efficient office space in your home. Think about the type of work space you need, including equipment, meeting space, furniture, lighting, and your preferred working conditions.
  • Vacation or Second Home--You may want to turn a weekend retreat into a more permanent residence. What type of renovation work needs to be done to create a comfortable living environment year-round?
  • Recreation Areas--Home owners are increasingly interested in spaces for recreation and socializing. Do you want to add a home theater, exercise room, library, sound system, or other features to enjoy recreationally?
  • Closets and Storage--When you assess your need for storage, look beyond closets. Every room in your house has the potential to deliver needed organization and structure. Maximizing all your space will help manage your storage needs.
  • Household Systems--Home owners are increasingly remodeling to improve energy efficiency. Traffic flow and floor plan improvements are another popular consideration. And others remodel to install security systems.
  • Remodeling for Accessibility--One reason for remodeling is the need to make room for an aging family member or person with a disability. Consider the needs of the individual, talk with them, and investigate solutions using universal design.


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